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Date : 25 Jan., 2017

Title: Stand Up India Clinic


To accelerate the process of "Stand Up India' Applicants.

Sponsored by

Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI), Lucknow

Organised By

Institute of Entrepreneurship Development U.P., Lucknow (Centre of Excellence)

No. of Potential Entrepreneurs Present

27 plus 06 new applicants from Lucknow, Unnao, Raebareilly, Hardoi & Sitapur districts of Uttar Pradesh

On Dias

Mr. A.S. Rathore, Director, IEDUP, Lucknow
Mr. Arup Kumar, General Manager, SIDBI
Mr. Anjani Kr. Srivastava, DGM, SIDBI,

Were Also Present In the Clinic

Mr. R. Sukumar, AGM, SIDBI, Lucknow
Mr. Vinay Kumar, AGM, SIDBI, Lucknow
Mr. Amaranjan Kumar, Faculty Member, IEDUP, Lucknow
Ms. Mamta Chauhan, Faculty Member, IEDUP, Lucknow
Mr. A.K. Sharma, LDM, Bank of India, Lucknow
Representative of RSETI, Lucknow

Date : 02 May, 2016 To 18 August, 2016

Inspection Date: 14 June, 2016

Title: Small Business Rural Entrepreneurship for Defense Personnel

Sponsored by

Directorate General Resettlement, Ministry of Defense, Govt. of India

Organised By

Institute of Entrepreneurship Development, U.P. (Centre of Excellence), Lucknow

On Dias

Mr. Amaranjan Kumar Faculty Member, IEDUP
Col. Adeetya Singh, Director Training, DRZ, Lucknow Inspecting the Programme
Mr, A.S. Rathore, Director, IEDUP
Mr. Anurag Mathur, Faculty, IEDUP
Mr. Vinod Shukla, Nodal Officer (DGR Trg.) welcoming the Chief Guest
Col. Adeetya Singh