Entrepreneurship & Industrial Development

Micro, Small And Medium Enterprises

Being the Apex Institute of MSME sector, IEDUP plans, designs and implements various activities such as training of potential as well as existing entrepreneurs, capacity building of officials from concerned departments, research, policy drafting, consultancy etc. Institute has organized programmes, workshops and seminars on themes like Investment-friendly climate, Impact of WTO, Sickness in the SSI sector-issues & remedies, strategic issues in the Effective Implementation of industrial policies & programmes, Removal of Barriers to Internal Trades, Prospects and problems and policies for women entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Creation etc.

Entrepreneurship Development

IEDUP has a clear mandate of promoting entrepreneurial culture and spirit among different sections of society through well-designed interventions. In order to achieve this, every year institute organizes training programmes for a range of target groups such as unemployed youth, women, adolescents, teachers/faculty of management and technical institutions. There programmes of different durations are organized in rural and urban areas of the State.

Skill Development

Industry has a huge requirement of skilled man power, considering which IEDUP organizes number of training programmes on multi-skill trades for a range of target groups in rural and urban areas. Most popular skills are computer hardware, software, mobile repairing, repairing and servicing of electrical and electronic home appliances, refrigeration, air-conditioning, photocopiers, two-wheelers, food processing, fruit-preservation, fast-food items, beautician, fashion-designing, cutting & tailoring, packaging items, detergent powder making, herbal products making etc. After completing the training, participants equipped with these skills may have opportunities to go for employment or self-employment.

Cluster Development

The Cluster approach for the development of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises with a view to enhance their competitiveness has been gaining momentum. In the process of cluster development, one needs to identify viable industrial clusters, conduct diagnostic study and prepare detail project report on the basis of the available data. The development of cluster requires a variety of interventions along with the trust and cooperation of cluster stakeholders as well as cluster actors. As such it is a difficult and delicate task to be handled carefully with the required level of commitment competence and in depth understanding of preparation of DPR, issues and problems of cluster development. Institute's Cluster Development Division conducts Diagnostic Studies, prepare DPRs and organizes sensitization workshops for the officials of District Industries Centres as well as functionaries working in the field of cluster development. This division has carried out diagnostic studies for clusters viz. Rural & Urban Cotton Waste (Amroha, J.P. Nagar), Battery Inverter (Bijnore), Musical instruments (Meerut), Silver Verk (Moradabad), and organized Sensitization Workshops on Cluster Development for Assistant Managers, Managers and General Managers of all the 18 divisions in Uttar Pradesh.

Intellectual Property Rights

In order to facilitate smooth international trading of goods and services, the instrument of WTO has been involved and integrated into the economy of all the member nations of the world. Since the provision of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) vary from one country to another, there is bound to be obstacles in the trading access of the nations. In order to overcome this problem, the Trade related Intellectual Properties (TRIP) of WTO is an importantcomponent which aims at the adoption of WTO compatible IPR across the nations. Accordingly, India has also amended the different components of IPR. However, there is a growing concern regarding awareness of IPR provisions and their implications among the MSME sector. Institute organizes workshops for popularizing the knowledge, applications and advantages of IPR among the MSME entrepreneurs. These workshops are supported by Office of Development Commissioner (MSME), Govt. of India.

Administrative And Management Development

Apart from the specialized technical knowledge and skills, MSME sector has a regular requirement of human resource for managing their day-to-day affairs, administrative issues, front office management, client handling etc. Usually, they face a lot of problems in getting such human resource. Considering this, Institute makes efforts to understand the exact requirement of MSME sector and designs customized training programmes for the industry. SIMAP (Small Industries Management Programme) is one such programme through which participants are trained in the overall management of enterprises. After the successful training, these trained participants are placed in different industries.

Institute has organized Skill Development Programmes in multi trades supported by various organizations, departments such as U.P. Land Development Corporation, U.P. Backward Finance & Development Corporation, State Urban Development Authority, Department of Social Welfare, Dept. of Education, Govt. of U.P., Soldier Welfare & Rehabilitation Office, U.P., Integrated Child Development Services, Govt. of U.P., Dept. of Science & Technology, Govt. of India, National Backward Class Finance & Development Corporation, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), Indian Industries Association, Lucknow, Find Your Feet, India.

Entrepreneurship in Education

Career Counselling

Institute's Career Counselling Cell within its campus provides career guidance to students from schools and colleges. This cell is supported by a panel of experts having long experience and relevant background in the sector, which includes psychologists, academicians, educationists, Personality development Trainers, industrialists, and corporate sector professionals. Through a mix of techniques such as group sessions, individual guidance and counseling, application of various tools, panel experts do the assessment of individual's real potential, his/her aptitude, liking and strength areas,  and suggest an array of suitable choices. Participants of career guidance sessions are further facilitated to explore the world of choices, available for making their career in the field matched with their interest and aptitude. 

Personality Development, Resume Designing, Effective Communication, Presentation and Negotiation skills, Interview Techniques are a few components this cell deals with. We also have Psychometric tests which provide important information about the capability of an individual to perform. It has consistently been found to be the best predictor of an individual's potential. Through interpreting your scores on this test, we can help you know your potential & choose right career for you at the right time. Individual Students and Schools, Colleges may contact us at for career counseling sessions.

Entrepreneurship Education

Recognizing the importance and scope of entrepreneurship, now it has been included in the education system through syllabus at school, college, management & technical institutions. Many schools have provided students a choice to become member of Entrepreneurship Club set up in the school. The core purpose of all these initiatives at various levels by Government or private bodies, is to educate students about entrepreneurship so that they may recognize it also as one of the potential career choices.
Specific to this, every year IEDUP conducts number of awareness programmes for final year students of Engineering and Technology institutions, Faculty Development Programmes for lecturers and Heads of Polytechnic and Engineering Institutions. Recently, Institute has initiated a series of Orientation workshops on Entrepreneurship – Igniting the SPARK' for students of above VIIIth class in CBSE schools. Bharat Bhavishya is another programme conceived and designed by IEDUP for facilitating and mentoring students of management and technology Institutions to help them become Technopreneur.

Specialized Internship Programmes

IEDUP has been organizing Internship Programmes and Summer Camps for the students of Banaras Hindu University and Narendra Dev Agriculture & Technology University for last few years. As a result of joint-initiative of IEDUP and the respective University, the Internship or In-plant training is organized at the Institute. The key objective of these programmes was to impart practical training on the functional areas of an organization such as Administration, Operation, Finance & Accounts, Record-keeping, documentation, hospitality, maintenance, communication and internal correspondence as well as entrepreneurship.

The training design includes class-room sessions, working with functional departments of the Institute, exposure visits to other organizations, and take-home assignments. Students were attached with in-house functional departments on rotation basis so that every student gets opportunity to be familiarized with each of the functional areas. Each of these design components has its specific purpose such as acquiring knowledge, opportunity to learn by doing, demonstration of learning and presentation skills.

Nowadays, Internship training has become mandatory in almost all the professional courses run by Engineering, Management, Medical, Para-medical colleges, Universities, technical and vocational institutions. Hence, students have to do the internship of different duration as per the requirement of these professional courses during which they undergo On-Job-Training on specific projects. This Internship training is organized either by their Institution or many times students have to manage on their own.
In this background, Institute is further expanding this Internship Project and planning to design customized Institutional Internship Trainings for students of specific courses. Those keen to get associated with us for Internship may visit Opportunities with Us section of our website.