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Message from Chairman

Someone said Entrepreneurship is like a seed that wants to sprout out to reach the sun even without water and nutrients, I in person agree to this statement and believe that no one can stop an entrepreneur to progress. At the same time I also know that a highest quality of seed could not yield its potential if not taken care of, while a low quality seed yields better crop with the help of water and nutrients. I visualize every child as a potential entrepreneur (carrying basic seed of entrepreneurship) who needs proper stimuli, adequate guidance, timely support and open field to experiment and innovate ( water, nutrient and monitoring).

The Institute of Entrepreneurship Development UP is a Center of Excellence for the industrial and entrepreneurial development which nurtures entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship. This institute is a source of motivation and leads youth towards entrepreneurial goal, helps state and development agencies in promoting entrepreneurship and human resources development and creating conducive environment for entrepreneurs and industries in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

As chairman of the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development I am happy to introduce variety of programs for youth, women, development official and professionals and would like to associate each and every individual and organization whosoever can contribute in institutes endeavor or be benefitted by it's programs. Wishing every one a fruitful path.