About Us

Vision | Mission | Objectives


Help realize the entrepreneurial potential of people for the emergence of an enterprising society and vibrant economy.


Development of Entrepreneurship among different segments of society through educational interventions.

Mission Statements

  • Development of enterprises and entrepreneurs as per requirement of economic development of the state
  • Contributing actively in establishment of enterprises based on resources available in the state
  • Becoming the best training and support institution in the country in promoting entrepreneurial culture.


The primary objective of the Institute is to promote entrepreneurial culture and entrepreneurship in the society through well planned interventions for different segments of the society and to contribute towards accelerate economic development of the state.

Key Activities

  • Traniing the potential entrepreneurs for setting up tiny, rural, small and medium scale enterprises
  • Conducting various types of training programme for potential and existing entrepreneurs, educated unemployed youth, low income group, science and technology graduates, village artisans and other persons.
  • Conducting training programmes for employment generation.
  • Carrying out  research studies, evaluations, assessments in the field of entrepreneurship and industrial development as well as social sector.
  • Conducting workshops, conferences and seminars for MSME
  • Assessing training needs of different departments in industrial development sector and develop the capacities of their officials at different level.
  • Disseminating information regarding promotion and development of entrepreneurship